5 Things Candy Makers Won’t Tell You

August 2, 2011


1. “You’re Paying More For Less.” In May, Nestle introduced two new candies under its new Skinny Cow label: nut clusters and a chocolate-covered wafer crisp, each under 120 calories, the latest to join the candy industry’s rush keep calorie-conscious snackers in the fold. Many major candy companies now offer low-cal treats, including Mars’ 3 […]

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The Popular Food that Turns Your Gut into a Pesticide Factory – Yuk!

July 17, 2011


Many of the most popular foods in Western countries… and an increasing number of countries outside of Australia, the Americas, and Europe… are made with highly processed white flour. Something that is interesting is what happens to this flour during shipment to various cereal companies and bakeries and other commercial users. Unfortunately, during shipment of […]

What Do Rats and Soda Pop Have In Common?

July 16, 2011


Want to know what Rats have in common with Soda Pop? Soda pop beverages contain some of the most harmful synthetic sweeteners in    existence. Want to know what those are? Want to know why people gain weight  drinking diet soda’s?   I have done a lot of research on Soda Pop. I know a lot […]

Is Our Food Killing Us?

July 5, 2011


What is in our food that damages our healthy lifestyle makes us sick and gives us loss of energy – increase of pain, headache, migraines, increasing weight, joint pain, arthritis, skin disorders – our health is slowly vanishing. There are many things being put in our food just to extend shelf life, there are now […]

Gain Muscle After 40

June 30, 2011


When guys that are 40 or older approach me for workout advice they are often skeptical whether the advice is useful for them. After all, I primarily train athletes, and what does some 25 year old pro athlete have to do with a 45 year old business man? Well, to tell you the truth, there […]