What Do Rats and Soda Pop Have In Common?

Posted on July 16, 2011


Want to know what Rats have in common with Soda Pop?

Soda pop beverages contain some of the most harmful synthetic sweeteners in    existence. Want to know what those are?

Want to know why people gain weight  drinking diet soda’s?

  I have done a lot of research on Soda Pop.

I know a lot of people drink soda pop and

or give Soda Pop to their children. I want

to show you why you should stop drinking

those soda pops, the other side of the Truth

you’re not being told. The EPA, the Plastic

Manufactures, the FDA, and the companies

who sell you their soda pop are not informing

you of the dangers in drinking these soda pops.

Instead they are only telling you part of the story,

the part that gets you to buy their soda pop.

But, if you knew the other side of the truth and

cared about your health and your children’s health,

you would stop buying their product.

My goal is to help you, and create an

awareness which will allow you to make

smart and healthy choices toward your

deepest vibrant health and well being.

You can take personal control of your

health – I will be your Health and Nutrition

Coach, and with my help we can achieve

vibrant health for you.

To make an informed decision on your health

you have to know both sides, the good news

and the bad news, and both sides have to be

the truth.