Secret to Eating at a Buffet Without Stuffing Yourself

Posted on June 20, 2011


Many a times, my friends at work or some business associates will drag me to an Indian buffet.
Having been to an Indian or Chinese Buffet countless times, I have come up with a great trick to not overeat but still enjoy the food…. The biggest problem of going to a buffet is you feel entitled/pressured to eat a lot, to justify paying for the buffet…. I don’t know why, but that’s why I saw myself always going for second and third helpings…..

So what do I do differently now?

Before: I would take a plate and start loading it with items as I walked from the start to end, until my plate was full. I would then go back to get the other items that couldn’t load on my plate on my first round.

Now: I walk around the buffet without a plate in hand and take a look at all the items. Since this is going to be my only MAIN helping, I want to make sure I only get the stuff that I like and I will enjoy. This way, I don’t overload my plate with stuff and I only have food that I will enjoy eating.

Before: I would eat all the available food, no discrimination.

Now: I stay away from all fried food, especially in a buffet. Fried food is loaded with fat and too many calories.

Before: I would have at least three helpings.

Now: I have one main helping with all the stuff I need without overloading my plate. And then I have a small second helping for dessert. The second helping is really just a small bowl which I use to either have one specific dessert or small portions of a couple of desserts.

Secret #1: I used to eat at the buffet like I was coming from a famine/ if I hadn’t eaten for days. Now, I eat like it’s just another meal. The secret is to tell yourself that this is NOT YOUR LAST MEAL! So don’t eat like it’s your last meal. That will keep things in the right perspective. This secret applies to pretty much all your meals.

Secret #2: Eat the food you love in small quantities and you will enjoy it more. If you eat slowly, you will notice that your taste buds are satiated with a few bites of your favorite food and that you don’t need to gorge on the food to enjoy it.

Secret #3: Food is NOT the enemy. DON’T FEAR food. Lack of self-control is the enemy. Moderation and balance are your friends!

I hope this helps you when you go to the buffet the next time…

I was born and raised in India but moved to United States about 8 years ago. I put on pounds slowly after moving to US and tried many “programs” to lose weight without success. After reading several books and using common sense I was able to shed 20 pounds and keep them off. I am on my way to losing even more and finally achieve my dream of having six-pack abs.

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