Hidden Sodium in Your Everyday Foods is a True Health Hazard!

Posted on May 15, 2011


Sodium is a silent Killer. Especially to those with Hypertension, Heart Disease, and other Health Issues. Do they print this on the Label? Of course not, they figure what you do not know will not hurt you. But that is completely false.

Over 2.5 years ago I was forced to go on a Sodium Restricted Diet for Health reasons. I have lost over 50 pounds in those 2.5 years without even trying, just changing the way I ate. So many people are into Carb Counting, Fat Gram Counting and Calorie Counting.

What if I told you a Friend and I had compiled a list of Recipes that included NO Sodium in the food preparation and the food tasted just as good as if it had all the bad ingredients in it? Well we have, and we are going to be releasing this book soon. What does this book do for you?

Improves Your Overall Health (MY Cholesterol was at the Normal levels and prior they were at dangerously high levels)
Healthy Weight Loss (50 Pounds in 2.5 years)
NO Need for a High Blood Pressure Pill anymore ( I will talk more about that)
Healthier Eating Habits
Recipes your whole Family will love and never guess they are missing Salt!
And many more Benefits that the Book will Cover

It is a Little more Costly to eat this way, but I bet it is cheaper than Jenny or other Diet Plans.

You will need Fresh Veggies, Can ones contain a lot of Sodium. The next time you are in the Grocery Store look at the Labels for Sodium Grams. The Object is to keep it at 600 MG per meal. 1800 MG a Day. It really works. If you follow the instructions in the book and what I am claiming does NOT happen (BUT YOU MUST FOLLOW THIS 100%) .

Why spend all that money on Guru Diets when a Simple Low Sodium Diet will do the exact same thing plus improve your overall Health? Now back to my getting on the Sodium Restricted Diet, (Low Sodium Free) I did have High Blood Pressure, But not one single Doctor said reduce your Sodium intake. Honestly even if they had of I would not have done it. Sodium had to cause me agony before I tried it; it is like the fear of the Dentist. When it hurts badly enough you really will go. I was in bad shape due to an inner ear condition and Sodium had become a Poison to me.

In the past 2 years we have created recipes like:

Fried Chicken and Wings
Hamburgers With All The Trimmings
Soups, 100% FRESH!
Chinese Dishes
Hot Dogs even with Chili
French Fries
Veggies (Must be Fresh or Frozen)
Meat Loaf
Stuffed Peppers
Potato Salad
Basically any food that you could eat before has been duplicated and when the book comes out try it on your family, The odds are they will never know and you will be doing everyone a favor but eating a Healthier Way
A Salt-a- holic may know as they consume so much salt I am surprised they have not dried up.

This is a true account of what happened. This is an add-0n Nov 22, 2008 and total weight loss is 80 to 90 pounds. Sodium is a deadly and silent killer, it also aids in unhealthy weight gain. Many recipes are now using sea salt in place of regular salt (sodium content is much less), so you can even use this for cooking, try your local health food or Organic food store to buy some.

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