High Protein Low Fat Meal Plan

Posted on May 14, 2011


When trying to lose weight, there are advantages to a high protein low fat meal plan. Proteins should consist of 15% of our daily calorie intake. When eating more protein and less carbohydrates this helps to eliminate food cravings during the day by helping to keep the body feeling full. This is the reason for many supplements such as whey protein and protein bars. Protein is also good for keeping your blood sugar level stable, which in turn increases and gives you a steady flow of energy throughout the day. And, it takes more calories to digest protein, meaning you burn more calories.

For a high protein low fat food diet, it is important to familiarize yourself with foods you should eat and foods you should stay away from. Start with getting to know your foods. Examples of good high protein low fat foods include:

Egg whites: Egg whites contain 26 grams of protein and are low in fat. Each day, starting yourself off with an omelet with veggies and meat is a great means to increase protein and create a healthy diet. A healthy breakfast will keep cravings away during the day, allow for a lighter lunch and help to increase energy and burn calories.

Black beans: Black beans are not only an excellent source of protein with 7.6 grams in a half of a cup of cooked black beans, but also low in fat and low in calories.

Wild salmon: Wild salmon is another healthy high protein food which is a great addition to your diet. Wild salmon is packed with six essential fatty acids and Omega 3’s and contains 16.9 grams of protein.

Cottage cheese: Cottage cheese is not only an excellent snack, it is an excellent meal. Add a little fruit or nuts and make it even more nutritious. One half cup of cottage cheese has 16 grams of protein.

Soy beans: Soy beans are excellent to include in salads. One half cup 11.1 protein.

Chicken: Best when boiled, baked, or roasted four ounce serving of chicken contains 35.1 grams of protein.

As with any diet sugars and starches should be avoided. Bagels, cereals, rice crisps all of which may sound nutritious are extremely fattening. White rice is another food that is extremely fattening and should be avoided. Stay with lean meats, avoid lunch meats such as ham. Diets such as the South Beach Diet are great to follow for guidance.

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