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Posted on May 12, 2011


Many people who have asthma can drastically reduce their asthma and the wheeziness of their chest by simply following the correct diet. This is only possible if you have a natural diet. Many asthmatics eat a lot of diary and also crave chocolates. Chocolate cravings are usually caused through magnesium deficiency and you can simply correct this by taking magnesium supplements, this will help your chocolate addiction and also ease your asthma.

If you do suffer from asthma, then be sure to cut us much processed foods out of your diet as possible. Stress is a leading cause of asthma and is usually caused through improper diet. Stress, diary products and chocolate all cause you to breathe more and as an asthmatic you should reduce your breathing and avoid anything which will change the amount of volume of air that you breathe in on a regular basis.

One super food that you should consider to be part of your daily diet are dates. Dates have been proven to help many diseases over the years and also help those who suffer from many of the other respiratory diseases out there. You should try eat as much raw fruit and vegetables as possible. Not only for the nutritional aspect but also because when you eat a rich raw food diet you increase your immune system which prevents you from getting ill and helps keep allergies at bay but the most important aspect of eating raw unprocessed food is that it helps keep your weight down and also helps you lose weight.

Honey and ginger throughout the ages has also helped people in the far east ease their asthma, you could add it to some warm water and drink it 2-3 hours before you sleep. This will help you breathe in through your nose and also help you sleep better at night.

I mentioned that asthmatics breathe heavier and larger volumes of air when compared to non-asthmatics, the reason asthma is on the rise has got to do with processed foods which is also why there is such a high rate of obesity around these days. When you are overweight you cannot breathe properly the extra fat on your diaphragm restricts your breathing causing you to breathe through your mouth which increases the amount of oxygen you intake this combined with being asthmatic is deadly.

The worst part is that you will find that you need to use two types of inhalers which are the reliever and the preventive asthma medication which is the worst thing you could land up on due to a threefold increase in you dying and also landing up in hospital.

You should on a regular basis exercise, eat plenty of raw food (fruit/vegetables) and consider adding dates to your diet.

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