5 Natural Detox Methods You Can Use to Flush Toxins From Your Body

Posted on May 10, 2011


Did you know our bodies are absorbing toxins every day? Well, it’s true. There are toxins in our food, at work, our home and even when we’re out and about. No wonder we need to flush body of toxins.

Here is a list of methods you can use to flush toxins out of your body.

1. You need to drink more water. Yes I know you’ve heard it before. But consider this: our bodies are made up of 70% water. And throughout the day we’re sweating, dehydrating and urinating. So we’re continually losing water. And we need water to flush out toxins from our bodies. If we don’t get enough water then these toxins remain in our body and can accumulate.

2. Eating herbs which are known to have detoxifying benefits. These herbs include Turmeric, Alfalfa, and Cilantro.

3. Take raw vegetables and juice them. This is a powerful way of getting vital nutrients and minerals into our bodies. And we can even take the vegetables we’re not so keen on. That’s because by juicing them and mixing them with our favourite vegetables we get even more health benefits.

4. We should look to buy household cleaning items which are non-toxic. In other words go greener. Nowadays there are plenty of products available which won’t aid to our toxic burden.

5. Another great way of detoxing is to go to a sauna and sweat toxins out of our bodies.

But what are the signs of our bodies having too many toxins?

Well, we can experience bloating, gas, skin disorders, weight gain and a drop in our energy levels. And the best way to sort these out is to get our colon working efficiently.

You see, our colons can become blocked up when we eat a diet of too much processed food. Well, who can blame us chips, burgers, pizza and other fast food delights are very tempting when compared with eating fruits and vegetables. But we need the fruit and vegetables to add fibre to our diet. When we have adequate fibre in our diet then we have regular bowl movements because our colons are working properly. And any toxins are expelled every day.

Of course we can get over the counter products to flush our colons. You should look for a safe natural product. The advantage of these products is you can do a colon detox at home. Whereas if you use a nutritional therapist then this is obviously more expensive.

What to do next?

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