If You Have Diabetes High Cholesterol on the Side Doesn’t Have to Be That Alarming

Posted on April 18, 2011


Coupled with high cholesterol, diabetes does become harder to manage. Yet a controlled diet, rich in nutrients and customized to your needs, together with regular exercise, may keep both the problems in almost complete check. You need to resort to medication only if you do not have the discipline required to keep from consuming that which harms you and to be regular with your exercise. Diabetes high cholesterol, therefore, does not need to distress you.

To understand the threat of diabetes high cholesterol, you might, first, need to know and understand cholesterol better. You don’t have to fear all three kinds of cholesterol. High-density lipids (HDL) are, in fact, good for you. The other two kinds of cholesterol, low-density lipids (LDL) and triglycerides are the culprits. They deposit inside your arteries and narrow them down. HDLs, in fact, remove these deposits that we call plaque from the arteries and restore health to the arteries. To know good from bad fats, a good guide would be their state at room temperature. Good fats do not solidify at room temperature; bad fats do. Most vegetable oils are rich in HDLs; no animal fat has good cholesterol. In fact, animal fats are loaded with bad cholesterol.

It so happens that the LDLs in diabetics, somehow, tend to be more dense and cause the deposits t o be a lot more damaging than they are in people with no diabetes. With no exercise and diet control, treating diabetes high cholesterol is not easy at all. In fact, after a time, things get out of hand. Therefore, a balanced diet with the needed fats coming from vegetable sources is the best bid. You must completely avoid hydrogenated vegetable oils, though. Diabetics need to control their sugar intake as well and adjust their food requirements with the high cholesterol diet. It is not difficult. The common points are many and the points of difference are few.

Diabetics need to space their meals really carefully and completely avoid refined sugars. They need to eat high-protein foods that are low in cholesterol. Breakfast is an important meal for them and they should never miss it. Carbohydrates are to be taken sparingly during breakfast. Nuts, legumes, oatmeal and whole-wheat bread are ideal breakfast foods for diabetes. Taking six small meals instead of two or more large ones helps regulate blood-sugar levels in diabetics. Diabetes high cholesterol can be well taken care of by sticking to the diabetes diet and being a little fastidious about consuming only HDLs from vegetable sources. Also, going for only whole grain and high fiber carbohydrates with lots of leafy greens and salads helps in eliminating LDL deposits from your body. Buttering your toast may seem important to you, but the alternatives too are refined foods. It is best to load the toast with lots of cucumber like veggies and tomatoes and greens and a dash of green chilli, salt and pepper.

The best thing about controlling diabetes and high cholesterol through diet is that you get the added benefit of feeling better than you would if you were healthy and ate an unhealthy diet.

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