The Disadvantages of Carb Binging

Posted on April 4, 2011


Food craving is naturally felt whenever an individual is thinking of something to eat. This can be felt when a person is hungry. However, this feeling could not satisfied by just providing any foods. To overcome food craving, you need to eat the food that is in your mind. When you are thinking of eating chocolates, your mind will send impulses to your senses in order for your body to work and find chocolates to eat. Since, carbohydrates are commonly seen in several foods, thus carb binging becomes really common.

When you could not get the food that you want, this will not hinder you to satisfy your craving. Of course, you will really find something that could be an alternative for that food. There are many foods that contain high carbohydrates. These foods are called carb foods.

Yummy foods are usually the ones that have high-carb contents. Those that have high sugar content are considered as carb foods, such as cakes, chocolates, and many more sweets. By just looking on these kinds of foods, your mind will initially be stimulated with their appearances and smell, making you feels the urge to eat them. These mouth-watery foods are definitely hard to resist, most especially for those people who are fond of eating sweets. If you are one of them, greater chances that you are fond of eat carb foods, and you are ingesting them excessively without be totally aware of it. If you are not aware on the disadvantages of carb binging, it will surely hard for you to know assess yourself if you are doing it.

Carb binging is not that easy to control. If you are not really conscious of your health, and you tend to eat any kinds of foods as long as they can make you satisfy, you will eventually have this problem. Actually, carb binging is not totally a problem. Carb foods are also helpful, although they have high sugar content, but to think sugar gives energy to an individual. Thus, this is needed in order for you to perform your daily activities. The problem will arise if you tend to excessively ingest carb foods. Regular intake of foods that have high carbohydrate content is not good anymore. Excessive intake of carb foods is carb binging, and this could result to various health problems. Remember that there are bad and good carbohydrates. When the carbohydrate content in your blood will increase into a high amount, it will put your health at risk.

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