Natural Methods to Control Asthma

Posted on March 25, 2011



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Asthma affects the lives of millions of people across the world. If not properly cared for, asthma can lead to serious problems. However, with the proper control, asthma attacks can be limited and the overall quality of life for the asthma victim can be improved. The correct management of asthma can help a person maintain better long-term asthma control and help that person avoid long-term problems.

There are many natural methods for maintaining asthma available. Natural methods are preferable to conventional drugs for a few reasons. First, conventional drugs only provide a short-term solution by dilating the passageway of the lungs, while natural methods can help improve symptoms over a sustained period of time. Secondly, conventional drugs come with the risk of potential side-effects. Natural methods have very few side-effects compared to conventional drugs. Thirdly, conventional drugs do not offer a long-term solution, whereas natural methods do. This does not mean that conventional drugs should not be used, because having an inhaler at all times is necessary to ensure that a person with asthma is safe at all times. However, natural methods should be taken under consideration and applied to improve the management of the person’s asthma.

One method that can be used to help control asthma, is by adding more magnesium to your diet. Magnesium improves the function of the lungs and can be taken as a supplement. If you know the season in which you are most likely going to experience severe asthma symptoms, it is a good idea to prevent those symptoms from getting out of control by supplementing magnesium into your diet. Food like nuts and dark green vegetables are high in magnesium and can and should be added to your diet as well.

Eating apples on a regular basis, surprisingly enough, has also been considered beneficial to maintaining asthma symptoms. Scientists suggest that there is a link between apples and asthma and that eating apples can provide improved lung function. Pregnant women who want to decrease the chance of their children developing asthma may also benefit from eating apples. In one study, it was determined that mothers who ate apples while pregnant gave birth to children who had a lower risk of asthma and wheezing. This is an incredible study that proves that apples are an awesome superfood.

Another great method to control asthma is Peppermint. Peppermint aids in opening airways to the lungs. Also, Peppermint calms the nervous system. This is very beneficial to those who have asthma, because asthma attacks are often made worse when a person panics.

Natural methods of maintaining asthma can be very beneficial to anyone looking for long-term control over their conditions. They come with little to no side-effects and provide anyone with asthma the opportunity to gain better control over their symptoms. By increasing the use of natural methods, a person will not have to rely on as many conventional drugs that come with harmful side-effects.

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