3 Foods to Include in Your Diabetic Diet

Posted on March 18, 2011


By eating nothing but industrial processed foods all the time I became diabetic and I have been for the past 20 years. It was easy to get by, good to eat and cheap, so I didn’t question anything until I became aware of some facts. Unfortunately it was after I was diagnosed with diabetes.

I learned that industrial processed food is ok to eat as long as you do not make a habit out of it. If you do, chances are you will put your health in danger as happened to me. I beat my diabetes but I still consider myself a recovering diabetic even though I do not take any medication for the condition any more.

So what changed? I started eating whole foods, and anything that had not been transformed or processed before it landed in my plate. Scientist who are considered giants in their field, I’m thinking of T. Collin Campbell here who wrote “The China Study” don’t mince their words, they radically advise to turn to vegetarianism.

I did not become a vegetarian, but I did start loving my health more than what my mouth was telling me it liked to eat. In short, I deposed that ugly dictator in my mouth that was telling me what was good and what he disliked. You have probably understood by now that I am talking about my own tongue!

I started concentrating on foods low on glycemic index and eating in such a way that I avoided blood sugar spikes. You might know that diabetes type 2 is a condition that is linked to the pancreas and its ability to produce insulin, which is a hormone.

When the pancreas insulin functions are disrupted, then one’s body is not able to process that basic fuel -which is known as glycogen- it needs to work properly.
In short, you can’t turn your food into energy in a normal way any more.

This forced me to choose either to keep on popping pills and remain obese or do something about the way I approached food in general. I did, and it helped me beat my diabetes condition.

This allows me to share my experience with you, and I have made a number of easy to copy diabetic type 2 adapted recipes which I taped on video and published on YouTube under the name Diabetic Bob.

This is how I came to learn about three food types any diabetic should adopt and include in his diet, I would even suggest on a daily basis. They are: fenugreek, cinnamon and flax seeds.

Fenugreek slows digestion and that is what a diabetic needs to avoid blood sugar spikes, it is in the foods that are low on the glycemic index. The best way to eat fenugreek is when it is freshly sprouted, I do this myself at home, guaranteed fresh and without pesticides!

As for the flax seeds, remember to grind them before use, as eaten whole, they will only help the transit, while they contain lots of omaga3 oils which are lost if not ground.

Bob Pernula, also known as Diabetes Bob on YouTube, has been a diabetic for the last 20 years and he beat his diabetes condition by changing his eating habits. He is convinced anyone can beat diabetes if they know how and so can you.

If you want to beat your diabetes, you can start by getting his FREE 10-Part Glycemic Index Mini-Course by email. You can do this by visiting his Glycemic Food Index List website and giving him your email.

Bob also published a video series of free recipes for diabetics. These fast and easy to make meals use flax seeds, among others, to keep the blood sugar levels stable, so head on over to see what you can prepare for yourself starting today.

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