Fats Diets Without Going Hungry Every Day!

Posted on March 1, 2011


Do you want to get rid of excess fat on any part of your body? Well, the truth is most of us do, but many people are told that the only way to lose your fat is to starve yourself and cut out all of the foods that you actually enjoy eating!

The first truth about fats diets is that you can’t lose belly fat for example with just exercises that work on your abs. This alone will not allow you to lose your belly fat fast or give you a permanent flat stomach. You can actually lose belly fat much faster with some full body easy workouts which don’t just concentrate on your abs!

The second truth about fats diets is that you WON’T lose weight fast and keep the fat off by just eating low calorie diets or eating less. The fact is, permanent weight loss stems from a diet that you feel comfortable with. Did you know that you can actually make your body burn more calories by eating more of some delicious fat burning foods that don’t leave you hungry all the time?

The third truth is that long cardio and aerobic workouts used by some weight loss programs are the WORST WAY to burn fats. You can actually almost triple your fat loss and fitness results by exercising in a totally different way for about 10 or 15 minutes per day!

The fourth truth about fats diets is that late night eating is not bad for you. Going to bed hungry is actually one of the WORST THINGS you can do if you want to lose fat fast. You can actually boost the hormones in your body to lose fat by eating the right type of tasty food at supper time about an hour before you go to sleep.

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– Katie T. Young

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