The metabolic syndrome: time to get off the merry-go-round

Posted on February 1, 2011


If you have gained weight and felt your overall health downward spiral over a period of time you might have what the experts call ‘metabolic syndrome’. One of the factors that could be causing this is too many refined carbohydrates full of un-natural chemicals that our body’s do not know how to process and throw our hormone balance ‘out of whack’.

Too many of these so called ‘modern foods’ that do not nourish us in any way cause insulin resistance which is a chemical imbalance that makes your body store fat. Once the cycle is set in place you will continue to crave these highly processed carbohydrate foods and you will continue to gain weight until you correct the imbalance and get rid of them from your life.

When you eat these foods – baked goods, biscuits, snack foods, cereals, pasta, breads, rice, grains and sugary drinks and other nutritional time bombs that come in pretty packets and boxes with food labels that have a scary list of ingredients your body becomes overwhelmed. When it cannot process them it develops insulin resistance.

Insulin is the hormone that ‘opens’ the muscle cells and ‘pushes’ glucose (made from the food you eat) from the blood stream into them so they can use it for energy. To compensate for this resistance the body produces more and more insulin which is a fat storing hormone and bingo you are storing body fat at an alarming pace. High levels of insulin also suppress your body from burning fat for energy.

If you are living a no proper exercise lifestyle and are not working your muscles regularly you have a double whammy as there is no way for the body to burn up these excesses. These high levels of insulin and unused glucose circulating around the body via the blood stream combine to make you fat – and keep you fat.

The only way off this treadmill to ongoing weight gain is to take steps to unlock the vicious cycle of fat storing by ditching as many processed foods as possible. You have to understand that they are making your body produce high levels of insulin, stimulating your appetite and increasing your cravings for more and more of the same toxic foods.

Replace these nasties with natural whole foods you cook from scratch. Real food like some grass fed beef, an orange, a piece of fish from the sea, a bunch of spinach, an apple, free range poultry and eggs and lots of other vegetables. You can lower your levels of insulin by simply changing what you eat and get off the fat storing merry-go-round.

Add in a couple of strength training exercise sessions each week and in just a few weeks you will be back on the fast fat loss track. You will feel so much better and will look so much better once you get your hormones back in balance. You are totally in control of this it has nothing to do with willpower. If you want to be slim there is no other way.

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