Give Yourself an Edge with the Dietary Supplement Designed for the Active Man and the average Joe’s

Posted on January 28, 2011


If you’re someone who is serious about your health, then you’re better off spending a little more on a quality supplement that will actually do something for you, not something that is just a waste of money.

Cheap vitamins use ingredients such as calcium as calcium carbonate, or minerals like magnesium as magnesium oxide.

When looking for a dietary supplement , I have three main things I look for:

1. Should ideally be in either a liquid or a powder/water soluble. Tablets, while not all of them are bad, tend to be harder for the body to dissolve because they are so compressed and dense. As a result, the tablet may not completely dissolve, thus the vitamins are wasted.

2. The forms the vitamins are in and the amounts:
*  65 trace minerals for the essential nutrients your body needs to function well and be healthy
* Acai berry for antioxidants and a strong immune system
* Aloe vera extract for healing, soothing, cleansing – and energy!
* B-vitamins for energy, good mental health, and proper cholesterol and blood sugar levels
* Green tea extract for antioxidants, weight loss, healthy cholesterol, and proper organ function
* Mangosteen for antioxidants, proper blood flow, and healthy respiratory function

3. The other ingredients: avoid vitamins that have artificial colors, useless fillers and binders and objectionable ingredients such as titanium dioxide.

Sad thing is, most mass-marketed vitamins make it a little harder for the consumer to know what they are getting, because their label usually doesn’t list the form of the vitamin or mineral. Instead, one has to look at the ingredients and know what they are looking for in order to determine what the form is. It’s no wonder that people don’t feel any better after taking them. If you are someone who is taking vitamins in hopes that you will improve your health, then spend a little more on a product that is actually beneficial and will help you feel better.

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