Xb-Fit My Plan B

Posted on January 17, 2011


I am thankful to have joined XB Fit Energy at just the right time. Many Americans right now are wondering how they are going to survive the economic crisis. Do we have job security? How long will my unemployment last? What will I do if I lose my home? Unfortunately, these are real questions, that people are asking themselves right now. Clearly we were not expecting the economy to crumble, or else we ALL would have had a “plan B”. But sometimes even a “plan B” isn’t enough. Many people lost thousands of dollars in investments over the past 12 months. It will take several years to recover from those powerful hits. So what to do in the meantime? What does your plan B look like now? Don’t have one? Now is the time. What about a company that is 100% debt-free, in spite of the economy?

I want to talk about the business opportunity right here in front of you. I don’t believe in coincidences, and if you have read this far, there must be a reason you are here. There are many great companies out there to work for or work with. Both traditional businesses as well as home-based or network marketing businesses.

While I had worked for myself for several years, I had never embarked on the home-based business journey. Although I had been approached by many “friends” trying to convince me that I could make a small fortune peddling products at the homes of my family, neighbors and friends houses. (As a sidenote: I am not a “home party” kind of person) I felt like I had heard it all. Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, Amway,  Tastefully Simple, Melaleuca, Herbal life, OMC… I could go on and on. I was kind enough to listen, but not impressed enough to jump on board. Most of these companies have been around for years, so certainly they must be having degrees of success. Let us all be clear. There is nothing wrong with these companies, I was just not drawn to them in spite of their products, pricing, quality, or potential earnings.

Just a few months ago a friend called to say that he  had just joined forces with a brand new company based in Brandon, Florida.  My friend told me about the product. (Which sounded intriguing – see past posts for specific product info), and he explained that there were 10 different ways of producing income. Now, that somewhat peaked my curiosity, but I really started to listen closely when he told me that only a handful of people even knew about the company. Therefore, those that are being invited to join NOW, will forever be at the TOP of the food chain. Everyone joining after you, will only increase your income.

Right now, I have realized, that I am getting paid to get healthy, and to help others do the same!
I am inviting you to join me!  I have key positions open right now. Consider locking in your position, and I will personally walk this road with you, to ensure our success!