Family fitness program

Posted on January 12, 2011


-Make healthy food choice
A healthy diet should be delicious and varied �� rich in vegetables and fruits, with whole grains, high-fiber foods, lean meats and poultry, fish at least twice a week, and fat-free or 1 percent fat dairy products.

-Use equipment
People are so busy these days. They spend their time on their work, their study, their hobbies or something else, but it seems that they can never spare a little time to do an important thing, namely, exercise. If you hope your loved ones become stronger but they give their lame excuse that they have no time to do exercise, try some equipments that can use when they are watching TV or else. My recommended equipment is Slendertone toning belt system. Slendertone belt uses Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) which has been used for over 40 years in hospitals, clinics and physiotherapy practices around the world to strengthen and rehabilitate muscles.

-Take your family out and play with your children.
Facts prove that children who are throwing balls and chasing each other are in better state of fitness than kids sitting around houses. What��s more, when you play with your children, you find a good way to keep fit yourself.

-Take more walk
In fact, there are more chances to do exercise in our daily life than we actually have take advantage of. If time permits, do you take the stairs rather than the elevators. You have no excuse to say no to this method of exercise, because it is free, convenient and useful. Do you park near a store or park far away from the store where your car is safe from dents and so that your family and you can take a walk?

-Share household chore with your family
This means that you will find new forms of exercise. That is household chores like mowing, raking and vacuuming.
Five tips, I hope they can help you.

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