XB-Fit: A new natural, nutritional energy drink for fitness enthusiasts

Posted on January 5, 2011


We have learned through numerous reports that our food supply isn’t as nutritious as it used to be when our folks were growing up and raising their own fruits and vegetables.  So many of the products we consume have been laden with chemicals, pesticides, artificial colors and sweeteners.  A number of the new powdered mixes that you add to your bottled water have just scant amounts of vitamins and are laced with the artificial sweetener aspartame.  Most of the bottled and canned energy drinks have so much sugar and caffeine that you suffer the old crash and burn just a few hours after you drink them.

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts require more nutrients than someone leading an inactive lifestyle. As you consistently put stress and strain on the body’s muscles, skin and organs in the pursuit of a healthier body, you burn through what nutrients you have consumed quickly.  If you are an endurance athlete the training alone depletes the system almost daily.

It is carbonated, so it is best served chilled.  The taste was very good and reminded us of a peach, orange, mango drink, which is probably from the anti-oxidant ingredient mangosteen.  The XB-Fit company did their homework and has taken the best of the best on the energy drink market and put it all in one small can.  They’ve left out nothing that you need, with over 65 trace minerals, acai berry, aloe vera extract, green tea extract and B-vitamins.  But we had to conduct the ultimate test, how well would it mix with tequila?  Tequila is natural…it comes from a plant too so what better combination.  Final report: XB-Fit is a great addition to your daily nutrient needs if you are a person on the go, works out and wants to maintain your natural and healthy lifestyle. Final-final report: XB-Fit and tequila is also very good.

For informational purposes only. This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. XB-Fit Energy products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.