Health Nutrients Advantages And Disadvantages

Posted on January 5, 2011


Appropriate knowledge of body chemistry and the nutrients effects on the body is required before choosing a nutrient or a supplement to add in the diet. People just don t even bother to check the contents and the warnings related to that supplement. Their ignorance leads to many health problems later on. Players and teenagers are prone to medical complications due to these supplements as supplement intake is not doctor approved and they are not properly utilized by the body.

Improper utilization has many reasons; firstly the supplement intake quantity is more that required, secondly it is not taken with the proper balanced diet; thirdly different people have different body reactions to theses supplements and last but not the least due to ignorance people eat wrong supplements like if vitamins are needed they take minerals in its place. The supplements in the diet can provide health gains but in some cases they can be unneeded for good health and can leave unnecessary risk to human body. One thing to be noticed here is that, all the supplement labels are printed with the ingredients of tablets or capsules but there is no check for authenticity with a common man.

So there is possibility that the supplement can have adverse effect on health. Another issue is the claims regarding its benefits by the manufactures and most of these claims are not government approved. People take it for guaranteed and take over doses for quick effects resulting to health problems. Some supplements are not even government approved but are strong enough to affect body both ways positive and negative.

Human being of any age from a child to an old man supplements must be take with the doctor s advice. As doctor takes into consideration medical history, eating habits, work culture, present body structure and even the family medical background before suggesting the supplements. People try to be smart and overlook all theses factors before choosing the supplements.

Pregnant ladies must take proper care before using these supplements as in that time body is in very crucial stage and both the mother and the child can be affected with them. People with normal health and normal work culture must not go for the core supplements, should opt for simple multivitamins, calcium, oxidants and high fiber things and if some medicines are to be used, its dosage should be minimum. If a new nutrient is to be used some of the things must be taken care of as the product must be thoroughly searched either through books or on internet, must look for the ingredients on the bottle, choose organic supplements instead of synthetic, there must not be any chemical or heavy metal like lead or mercury, chemical formula and expiry date should be taken care of.

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