The Food Lover’s Diet

Posted on December 11, 2010


5 Eat-Right Strategies

The days are getting shorter the weather cooler. It can mean just one thing — only four weeks left to get in shape for the shopping! Don’t panic: This plan is built on five simple and proven guidelines.

Eat! If you exercise and consume fewer than 1,500 calories a day, it will be too hard to get all the nutrients you need. Plus, you’ll be ravenous. (Follow our plan exactly and you won’t have that problem.)

Get the right mix of carbs, fats, and protein. The most effective combo for dropping pounds fast is one that is high in whole grains, vegetables, and fruits, contains mostly unsaturated fats from olive oil or nuts, and provides a healthy dose of extra-lean protein from dairy, legumes, soy, fish, and lean meat. Our plan is perfect.

Temper your expectations. Dropping one to two pounds a week ensures that you lose fat, not muscle.

Stay real. Every plate in this plan is piled high with vegetables and fruits and moderate amounts of whole grains, legumes, extra-lean meat or fish, nonfat milk or yogurt, and other “real” (i.e., unprocessed) foods.

Exercise. A combo of cardio and strength training is best. In just one month, you’ll lose five pounds — that’s half a dress size (and at least a whole bathing-suit size). Follow the plan longer and you can lose all the weight you want.
The Food Lover Fat Loss Diet should satisfy the hunger of an individual and help the body to maintain a healthy weight with less fat. The Concept of the Food Lovers Fat Loss diet is “eat a lot, but eat foods that burn fat and promote weight loss”. If you eat the food which has fewer calories then it will damage your body as it needs energy to do work by taking necessary proteins, vitamins and calorie required by the body.
Here are some techniques to follow for fat loss diet system in the body

• You can lose fat by performing colon cleansing in your body. There are several methods such as juice fasting for cleaning up the colon that decreases the fat in the body.
• The other diet plan is Acai berry diet plan, which metabolism in the body and healthily looses the weight.
• You can lose weight by learning about metabolism in food lover fat loss system. It teaches you to eat food which decreases weight instead of increasing weight. This plan does not include malnourishment, calorie counting and pre-packaged food.