Top 3 reasons why Xb-fit Energy drink is Healthy for Diabetics? (via

Posted on November 30, 2010


been using xb-fit energy now for over 3 months. being type 2 diabetic its hard to find stuff that you like that is good for you. can’t wait to show my doctor these numbers. might be able to stop poking my fingers.

XB-Fit New All Natural Energy! Not only is it safe, it's actually good for you too. The 1st most important reason why XB-fit is healthy for diabetics . People with diabetes, senior citizens and people on restricted diets can now get a wealth of health in a great tasting drink. The 2nd reason is it has more vitamins & minerals than most multi-vitamins do! It has Acai Berry & Mangosteen (as seen on the Oprah Show). Also contains green tea, … Read More